Soviet Union (598 results)

BSh-1/PS-43 "Vultee V-11 in Soviet Union"

Best price 20.99


"Alpha" class soviet nuclear submarine

Best price 15.25


'Arkhangelsk' Soviet Navy Battleship

Best price 65.34


1/144 ATZ-4-131 Soviet refuelling truck

Best price 21.89


1/144 ZiL-131 Soviet modern cargo truck

Best price 18.59


1/144 ZiL-131 with shelter Soviet modern cargo truck

Best price 40.99



1950 Chevy 3100 Pickup `Union 76`

From 20.99


72-K Soviet 25-mm AA Gun (late)

Best price 27


72-K Soviet 25mm AA gun

Best price 20.66


76,2mm F-22 WWII Soviet Divisional Gun

From 22.99


AIR-6 Soviet floatplane

Best price 29.66


AIR-6 Soviet monoplane on skis

Best price 29.66


An-22 "Antei" Soviet military transport aircraft

Best price 35.96


Antonov An-24T Soviet Cargo Aircraft

Best price 104.99


Antonov An-26 Soviet cargo aircraft (late version)

Best price 80.96


Antonov An-71 Madcap Soviet AWACS

Best price 38.86


Antonov An-8 Soviet cargo aircraft ("Camp")

Best price 114.99


Art of Tactic: IS-2 Heavy Soviet Tank WWII

From 5.94